I found something interesting in IVerify - A car was damaged at Kyawama polling station, but not clear whether it contained pre-marked ballots

A car was damaged at Kyawama polling station, but not clear whether it contained pre-marked ballots


The fact-checking process and sources contacted were not able to confirm or deny with substantial evidence that pre-marked ballots were in the car

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Verified Aug, 12 2021


On election day, Diamond TV reported that a car allegedly carrying pre-marked ballot papers had been stoned and overturned by members of the public at Kyawama polling station. The article specifies that a Toyota corolla registration number ACT 3276 was damaged following the alarm that it was carrying pre-marked ballot papers, stirring confusion in the respective district in North-Western province.

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The process of fact checking has determined as true the report that a Toyota Corolla registration number ACT3276 was stoned and overturned by members of the public who suspected it was carrying pre-marked ballot papers next to Kyawama polling station in Solwezi. However, the fact checking process has determined as inconclusive the claim relating to the pre-marked ballot papers. While there is a video showing the Toyota Corolla registration number ACT 3276 being stoned by some members of the public at Kyawama polling station in Solwezi, the video does not show any pre-marked ballot papers in the vehicle. iVerify spoke to a polling agent at Kyawama who confirmed that the incident took place, and the vehicle was indeed damaged. While indicating that he, together with other voters could confirm that the vehicle did have pre-marked ballot papers, the agent and other sources contacted were unable to provide substantial evidence. The Police Commissioner of North-Western province Mr Joel Njase confirmed the incident. He said that after the driver was identified by voters, the voters overturned the vehicle, which is blue in color, and continued that the man suspected of being in possession of the pre-marked ballot papers had since been picked and taken to Solwezi Central Police Station. Mr Njase however did not confirm whether the vehicle damaged did have the suspected pre-marked ballot papers or not. Therefore, while the incident happened, the claim concerning the existence of pre-marked ballot papers is inconclusive.

Evidence and References

DESCRIPTION PRE-MARKED BALLOT PAPERS FALSE ALARM STIRS CONFUSION IN SOLWEZI LINK https://www.facebook.com/273812309715103/posts/1312339822529008

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