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No, Dr. Mumba did not resign from being MMD party president.


Dr Mumba has not gone on sabbatical leave and the party spokesperson Mr. Mukaka Cephas did not issue any statement saying that Dr. Mumba was no longer in active politics

Verified Oct, 12 2021


Smart Eagles, an online media, published an article on their Facebook page on the 5th of October, claiming that Dr. Nevers Mumba who is the President of MMD had taken leave from active politics. The article quotes Mr. Cephas Mukuka and alleges that during the Nation Executive Committee (NEC) they resolved that they would grant Dr. Mumba a Sabbatical leave in the interest of the party. The article further states they agreed to change the name of the Party in the interest of rebranding the Party.

Rating Justification

The fact checking process has determined as false the claim that Dr. Nevers Mumba has taken leave from politics and that it was decided during a National Executive Committee that Dr. Mumba should be granted sabbatical leave. In a phone call by the iVerify fact checking team to the Deputy Secretary General Mr. Mofu Gregory to assess credibility of the allegations, Mr. Mofu affirmed that a National Executive Committee took place but denied that there were conversation around granting Dr. Mumba a Sabbatical leave or even rebranding the party’s name. Mr. Mofu further added that the matter was reported to the Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA). While neither ZICTA nor the Police could confirm receipt of a formal complaint and report respectively, which would give the green light for an investigation of cyber bullying and defamation, on the 7th October, Dr. Nevers Mumba went live on his official Facebook page, to address the allegation that were circulating on social media. Dr. Mumba categorically refuted the allegations and he further alluded that the party spokesperson Mr. Cephas Mukuka did not at any point issue a statement saying that Dr. Mumba was on a Sabbatical leave.

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Video depicting Dr Mumba responding to allegations:

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