I found something interesting in IVerify - No, IDC job advert did not specify region applicants should hail from

No, IDC job advert did not specify region applicants should hail from


Original job advert form obtained from IDC website or Twitter page has no caption telling people “who belong to other regions not to bother to apply”.

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Verified Sep, 01 2022


On August 30 2022, Patriotic Front-PF Facebook page uploaded a circular initially released by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) in which it has advertised the position of Chief Executive Officer. In a caption which was not part of the advert but was just added to the circular, Patriotic Front-PF claimed that the advertised job opportunity was for citizens belonging to a particular region. It says people who were from other regions should not bother to apply. Leading up to the August 12 2021 general elections, some political parties alleged that if Mr. Hichilema were to be voted into power as President, most prominent job opportunities in government would be availed to people belonging to the region the current President hails from. Reacting to the caption added to the job advert, many followers of the page wondered how giving job opportunities to certain region was tribal.

Rating Justification

iVerify Zambia’s fact checking process has established as misleading the claim that the advertised position of Chief Executive Officer at IDC is a preserve for people belonging to certain a region. iVerify analysed the application form from the IDC website or IDC Twitter page. iVerify Zambia has established that the application form does not state that only people from a certain region should apply for the position. The job advert guides the public on the minimum qualification of people who are eligible to apply for the position but does not state from which region applicants should hail from.
In conclusion, while the job advert is genuine, it does not say that only people who are from the the region President Hakainde Hichilema hails from should apply. Therefore, the caption added to advert is false and misleading.

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