I found something interesting in IVerify - No, there is no evidence that UPND cadres destroyed Katuya Police Post in Senanga

No, there is no evidence that UPND cadres destroyed Katuya Police Post in Senanga


The video accompanying the Facebook post does not show anyone wearing UPND or any other political party regalia. None of the people in the video clip identified themselves as members of the UPND or any other political party.

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Verified Jan, 12 2022


On 30th December 2021, the Patriotic Front Facebook page published an article with a video, claiming that UPND cadres destroyed Senanga Katuya Police post demanding that the officer in charge be transferred because he is not from the region.

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The fact checking process has determined as misleading the claim that UPND cadres destroyed Katuya Police Post in Senanga demanding that the Officer in Charge be transferred as he is not from the region. The posted video on the Patriotic Front Facebook page depicts a mob stoning Katuya Police Post and some people forcing themselves inside the police post. The video does not show anyone wearing political party regalia. The iVerify fact checking team called Deputy Police Spokesperson Mr. Danny Mwale, who confirmed that a mob rioted in Senanga, damaging Katuya Police post window panes and doors, as well as the windscreen of the police station motor vehicle registration number ZP 2560 B. As a result of the stoning, one member of the neighbourhood, Mr. Kafanga Kafanga got injured and sustained a swollen knee after being hit by a stone from the mob. Four people have been detained by police for the offense of malicious damage to property and riotous behaviour. Mr. Mwale also shared a police statement that was made by the Western province Commanding Officer Mr. Fwambo Siame. The iVerify team further phoned a Senanga based journalist, Mr. Marcus Brian Sakubita who said the riotous behaviour was linked to murders recorded in the district from March 2021 to December 2021. Despite the arrest of people connected to the killings, nothing much has come up in terms of public information on who is behind these ritual killings. Sakubita added that, the community demanded that all the Police officers in Senanga be transferred and replaced with different ones. He emphasized that the happenings had nothing to do with tribalism, politics or regionalism, it is about the ritual killings.

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