I found something interesting in IVerify - No, there’s no law stipulating that a former ruling Party that hasn’t held a convention must be deregistered

No, there’s no law stipulating that a former ruling Party that hasn’t held a convention must be deregistered


According to the Laws of Zambia, there is no law that gives power to the Registrar to de-register opposition parties because the party has not held any convention or general conferences.

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Verified Jun, 22 2022


Zambian Bulletin, an independent online platform with over 200,000 followers published a post on 28th May 2022, alleging that the former ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF) will be deregistered if the party does not hold a convention by June 2022. This post attracted a lot of reactions as they have been numerous rumors about the presidency of the party since its former leader, former President Edgar C. Lungu, appointed Given Lubinda as Acting party President after the 2021 General Elections.

Rating Justification

The Fact Checking Process has established as false the claim by Zambian Bulletin that the former ruling party, the Patriotic Front will be deregistered because they have not held a convention.
The Political Party Act in Article 34, Clause 1 states that, “the Registrar may deregister a political party if the political party (a) has contravened the provisions of Article 60 of the Constitution; (b) does not adhere to the law relating to the nomination of candidates; (c) does not respect the national values and principles of the Constitution; (d) obtained its registration in a fraudulent manner; (e) has instigated or participated in the commission of an election offence; or (f) has acted contrary to the provisions of section.” Inability to conduct conventions is not among the reasons stated in the Act as basis for deregistration of a political party.
On the other hand, Article 60 of the Zambian Constitution merely provides guidance on the rights and obligations of political parties in Zambia. However, it does not state that political parties must be deregistered on account of failing to hold a convention or general conference.
In addition, iVerify Zambia consulted Mr. MacDonald Chipenzi, a governance expert and Director at the Governance, Elections, Advocacy, Research Services (GEARS) Initiative, who confirmed that there is no law in Zambia that permits deregistration of a party that has not held a convention to renew tenure of office of its office bearers. Mr. Chipenzi stated that all political parties in Zambia are merely obliged by the Republican Constitutions to practice internal democracy and hold regular internal election in accordance with their party constitutions, which for PF is every five (5) years. The PF held their previous convention prior to the 2021 General Elections.
It is therefore incorrect to claim that the Patriotic Front party faces deregistration if it fails to conduct a convention or general conference.

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