I found something interesting in IVerify - The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) busts a highly sophisticated cybercrime syndicate in LUSAKA.

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) busts a highly sophisticated cybercrime syndicate in LUSAKA.


A press statement from the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) detailed a successful raid on an internet fraud operation in Lusaka, Zambia. DEC collaborated with other law enforcement agencies to seize a significant amount of illegal materials used by the syndicate. This raid included SIM boxing machines, over 13,000 fraudulent SIM cards, and sophisticated communication equipment. The raid on Golden Top Support Services led to the apprehension of over 80 people, including Zambians, Chinese nationals, and a Cameroonian. Authorities also seized two firearms, 78 rounds of ammunition, and two vehicles linked to a Chinese national associated with the business.(See https://fb.watch/rln4Saj19_)

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Verified Apr, 09 2024


On April 9, 2024, social media platforms circulated reports that the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), working with the Zambia Police, Department of Immigration and the Anti-Terrorism organization, conducted a raid on Golden Top Support Services in Lusaka’s Roma area. The raid reportedly uncovered a sophisticated internet fraud syndicate. During the operation, Sim Boxing Machines were discovered on-site, facilitating the bypassing of local service providers’ networks for fraudulent activities. Over 13,000 SIM cards, firearms, ammunition, and two vehicles were seized during the raid. 77 suspects, including Zambians, Chinese, and a Cameroonian, were apprehended.

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Yes, the reports circulating on social media about the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) busting a major cybercrime operation in Lusaka are true.

According to a press statement ( see here https://fb.watch/rln4Saj19_/ ) issued on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 by the DEC’s Public Relations Officer, Mwenge Mulenga, a successful raid was conducted on an internet fraud syndicate operating in Lusaka. This raid was a collaborative effort between DEC and other law enforcement agencies, including the Zambia Police (ZP), Department of Immigration, and Anti-terrorism organizations.

Law enforcement seized a significant amount of illegal materials during the raid. This included Sim boxing machines, over 13,000 domestic and international SIM cards used for fraudulent activities, and evidence of sophisticated mobile and internet communication used by the syndicate.

The organization employed unsuspecting Zambian youths aged between 20 and 25, mostly school leavers, under the impression that they shall work as call center agents, tasking them with engaging in deceptive conversations with unsuspecting mobile users across various platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, chatrooms, and others, using scripted dialogues.

Over 80 people were apprehended at Golden Top Support Services, the location of the operation. These included 60 Zambians, 22 Chinese nationals, and one Cameroonian.

Seized items included 93 desktop computers, 42 new and boxed computers, one laptop, a satellite gadget, and other ICT-related equipment. Additionally, two firearms with 78 rounds of ammunition, and two motor vehicles linked to a Chinese national associated with the business were seized.

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