I found something interesting in IVerify - The written words “Our Bally will fix it” were photoshopped

The written words “Our Bally will fix it” were photoshopped


Mr. Mwamba’s shirt was labelled “I love you Kenneth Kaunda” and not “Our Bally will fix it”

Verified Sep, 03 2021


On 31st August, 2021, Fyambe a media platform published a post on their Facebook page depicting Mr Emmanuel Mwamba, Ambassador to Ethiopia wearing a shirt written “Our Bally will fix it”.

Rating Justification

The fact checking process has determined as false the claim that Mr Mwamba was wearing a t-shirt labelled ‘Bally Will Fix It’. Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba was appointed as an Ambassador to Ethiopia by the Patriotic Front administration and has since been serving in that capacity. On the 31st of August 2021, Mr. Mwamba published an article attaching a picture to it on his Facebook page. The post mentioned that Kenneth Kaunda was nominated for the prestigious Noble peace prize in 2020. Mr Mwamba further alluded that the shirt worn in the picture was made to celebrate Kenneth Kaunda’s life. The picture that depicts Mr. Mwamba wearing the “Our Bally will fix it” shirt was photoshopped. The correct picture depicts Mr.” Mwamba wearing a shirt labelled “I love Kenneth Kaunda”.

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