I found something interesting in IVerify - Three people, including a known UPND cadre, nabbed over Bulangililo Clinic attack.

Three people, including a known UPND cadre, nabbed over Bulangililo Clinic attack.


According to Zambia Police, unknown people led by a UPND cadre on July 20 2022 attacked people at Bulangililo Clinic in Kitwe and destroyed property at the health facility.

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Suspected UPND cadres have been accused of attacking people at Bulangililo Clinic in Kwacha Constituency, Kitwe. The Patriotic Front claimed in a post published on its Facebook on July 20 2022 that the cadres attacked people at the clinic and damaged furniture donated by former minister Joseph Malanji. Thousands of people on social media have since condemned the attacks on innocent people who were neither violent nor armed.

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Our fact-checking process has established that the claim by Patriotic Front Facebook page that suspected UPND cadres attacked innocent people at Bulangililo Clinic and damaged property at the facility is true.
To arrive at this, the iVerify Zambia on July 22, 2022 contacted Zambia Police Deputy Spokesperson Mr. Danny Mwale who confirmed the incident. He said on July 20, 2022 a group of unknown people attacked people who were at Bulangililo Clinic and in the process damaged property.
He said 3 suspects had so far been apprehended in connection with the incident and among them was UPND youth chairperson commonly known as “Ringo” who he noted had led the group of attackers. Mr. Mwale warned that no-one was above the law and that anyone found wanting would be arrested. And speaking on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview, UPND spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa condemned the attacks in Kwacha Constituency in Kitwe and reiterated his warning to party members that the party would not support anyone found wanting.

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