I found something interesting in IVerify - Yes, Mr. Chitamfya has joined ZESCO Limited but as Senior Manager-Corporate Affairs

Yes, Mr. Chitamfya has joined ZESCO Limited but as Senior Manager-Corporate Affairs


iVerify Zambia’s findings are that Mr. Caristo Chitamfya joined ZESCO Limited as SENIOR MANAGER – CORPORATE AFFAIRS and did not replace Mr. Kapata who was the Principal Public Relations Officer.

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Verified Feb, 18 2023


On Wednesday, February 17, 2023, Grindstone Television Zambia Facebook page carried a post that Mr. Caristo Chitamfya had been appointed new ZESCO Spokesperson. Similar posts appeared on other social media platforms such as The Candidate and Fyambe Media which further alleged that Mr. Chitamfya had replaced Mr. Henry Kapata who has moved to Cabinet office. The Grindstone Television Zambia post attracted different reactions from followers with some congratulating Mr. Chitamfya on his appointment.

Rating Justification

iVerify Zambia has determined as misleading the claim by Grindstone Television Zambia Facebook page and other social media platforms that Mr. Caristo Chitamfya is the new ZESCO Spokesperson, and that he has replaced Mr. Henry Kapata.

iVerify Zambia contacted Mr. Chitamfya who confirmed joining ZESCO, not as Spokesperson but SENIOR MANAGER – CORPORATE AFFAIRS. He also clarified that he was not replacing Mr. Henry Kapata, who was Principal Public Relations Officer because he joined ZESCO before Mr. Kapata was transferred to Cabinet office. He has since advised people to always verify information before posting on social media.

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