I found something interesting in IVerify - Yes, PF Roma Ward Chairperson was beaten and robbed, but allegiance of the attacker unproven

Yes, PF Roma Ward Chairperson was beaten and robbed, but allegiance of the attacker unproven


Yes, Mr Felix Mushitu was attacked as confirmed by a verified picture, his medical report and the Zambia Police Spokesperson but the evidence is not yet enough to determine that the attackers belonged to the UPND

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Verified Aug, 23 2021


On 20th August 2021, Daily Nation Newspaper published an article that claimed that suspected UPND cadres attacked and robbed Patriotic Front (PF) Roma Ward Chairman Felix Mushitu at his home. According to Daily Nation, Mr. Mushitu narrated that the cadres pounced on him at his house in Ngombe Township. He said that a group of people stormed his yard and started beating him and his relatives. According to Mr. Mushitu, the people who attacked him were Lackson Tembo, Owen Mulikita, and Rich boy Lubasi. He further narrated that they robbed him of at least Five thousand kwacha. Mr Mushitu rushed to Ngombe Police Station to report the matter.

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The fact-checking process has determined the claim by PF Roma Ward Chairman Felix Mushitu that he was beaten and robbed by UPND cadres as unproven. IVerify Zambia via phone, talked to Mr. Mushitu who said that about fourteen UPND Cadres came to his yard and attacked him and his relatives who were around at that time. Mr. Mushitu stated that after the attack he went to N’gombe Clinic in Lusaka and was given a medical report and further said that among cadres that attacked him, he knew four of them personally but only one of them was wearing a UPND shirt. Daily Nation Zambia posted on their Facebook page a picture of Mr. Mushitu with a swollen face and blood stains on his shirt and mouth, to confirm the originality of the picture, iVerify Zambia through Google Reverse Image Search, confirmed that the primary source of the picture is Daily Nation Facebook page who posted the picture on 18th August 2021 concerning the same story which indicates that it is a real and recent image. iVerify Zambia got a medical report for Mr. Felix Mushitu in which it is indicated that he had a cut on the upper lip, painful left and right ribs resulting from a chain of kicks and stoning from known people. The Zambia Police Spokesperson Ms. Katongo was also contacted later on and she confirmed receiving a report through N’gombe Police Station in Lusaka that the PF Roma Ward Chairman, Mr. Felix Mushitu was beaten and robbed by a group of people and the chairman went to the hospital though it is not yet confirmed if it was the UPND Cadres as the police are still trying to get more detailed statements from Mr. Mushitu.

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