I found something interesting in IVerify - Fake! Alleged update on 2023 teacher recruitment not from Teaching Service Commission

Fake! Alleged update on 2023 teacher recruitment not from Teaching Service Commission


According to the Teaching Service Commission, the widely circulated press statement regarding the 2023 teacher recruitment exercise was not from the Commission, but the “work of an imposter, who is trying to mislead the nation”.

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Verified Mar, 19 2023


On Friday, 10 March, 2023, ZEd Moments Facebook page shared a press statement purportedly released by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), giving an update on recruitment of 4,500 teachers in 2023. The statement which was also published on various social media platforms alleged that the TSC was informing the general public that it was in the process of advertising the recruitment of teachers and urged all unemployed teachers to put their documents in order ahead of the recruitment exercise.

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iVerify Zambia has determined as FALSE, the report purpoted to be press statement posted on ZEd Moments Facebook page and other social media platforms claiming that the Teaching Service Commission would in 2023 recruit 4,500 teachers.

On the same day the fake statement was issued, the TSC immediately issued a statement refuting the claim that it had issued a statement informing the general public that the Commission would recruit 4,500 teachers in 2023. The Commission said the press statement circulating on social media was work of imposters and scammers, who were trying to swindle unemployed teachers, as well as mislead the nation.

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