I found something interesting in IVerify - FAKE! FNB still operational in Zambia.

FAKE! FNB still operational in Zambia.


In a call to the First National Bank (FNB) by iVerify Zambia, the bank refuted the letter’s authenticity and dispelled it as fake. In addition, FNB issued a statement reaffirming its operational status and that it remains well capitalized and committed to safeguarding customers’ investments and funds.

Verified May, 17 2024


On 16 May 2024, a letter alleged to have been issued by the First National Bank (FNB) was published and circulated purporting that the commercial bank was announcing its immediate closure due to alleged negative economic climate in the country. Despite diligent efforts, the bank asserted that it could no longer sustain operations and was forced to proceed with the difficult decision.

In the alleged statement, the bank assured customers that their deposits were secure and instructed them to visit their nearest branch for withdrawal arrangements, bringing necessary identification and banking documents. Staff will be assisted from 17/05/2024 to 01/10/2024 during business hours.

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A fact check by iVerify Zambia has determined as fake, a letter circulating on social media platforms that the First National Bank (FNB) will be closing its operations in Zambia due to alleged negative economic climate in the country. In a call made by iVerify to the commercial bank, the bank refuted the claims as fake and a scam.

In addition, in a statement issued on May 17, 2024, by the head of Strategic Marketing and Communication, Kasali Mwaba Kaingu, the bank acknowledged its awareness of the circulating letter on various social media platforms notifying customers of FNB’s closure. The bank dispelled the letter as fake and clarified that it remains operational, well-capitalized, and committed to safeguarding customers’ investments and funds.

The commercial bank urged its customers to note that its selected FNB branches are undergoing scheduled maintenance and that impacted customers are being notified through the Bank’s official communication channels.

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