I found something interesting in IVerify - Kabwe drunkards stone anti-Covid 19 team

Kabwe drunkards stone anti-Covid 19 team


Pictures and sources confirm the attack on the anti-Covid 19 team

Verified Jul, 20 2021


On 1st On 1st July 2021, the Kalemba Facebook page published a post that a team of anti-covid 19 team was stoned by beer drinkers in Kabwe’s Makulu township. The team consisting of health inspectors, council police and the District Commissioner was in the township, famously known as “The Chibolya of Kabwe”, to sensitise residents about COVID-19 and enforce adherence to the covid-19 health guidelines on operations of bars and night clubs. However, the teams’ action to close bars that were found flouting the guidelines, and confiscate their alcoholic beverages led to a mob of drinkers to stone the team which scampered for safety. The publication further quoted the Kabwe Council Public Relations Officer, Ms. Nancy Chenga confirming the incident that happened on the night of June 30, 2021. Ms. Chenga is quoted saying that the closed bars had violated the regulation put in place by the Ministry of Local Government on 28th June 2021 to manage the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The anti-covid team’s vehicles were damaged in the attack.

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The fact-checking process has determined that the report published by Kalemba was True. The Kabwe Municipal Council confirmed the report by Kalemba by sharing it on the Council’s facebook page and appreciating the publisher for the report. To further fact-check the story, iVerify contacted and spoke to the Kabwe Council Public Relations Officer, Ms. Nancy Chenga and the Central Province Police Commissioner, Mr Katanga by phone. The two officials confirmed the attack on the anti-covid team. Another source contacted was Kabwe’s local Radio Station, KNC Radio, which had posted a story and two videos about the attack on its Facebook page on July 1, 2021. KNC Radio’s post was confirmed by its journalist, Ms. Victoria Beenzu, who covered the story.

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