I found something interesting in IVerify - No proof that pins the attack by youth on motorists on any political party

No proof that pins the attack by youth on motorists on any political party

Partly False

While evidence confirms that the event occurred and a vehicle was damaged, the attack cannot be pinned on any political party

Verified Jul, 20 2021


On 12th July, 2021, the Smart Eagles Facebook page published an article claiming opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) youths attacked motorists along Kasangula Road in Lusaka. The incident happened after the filing in of nominations by different political parties in Mandevu constituency. Governance Expert and Patriotic Front member Isaac Mwanza who was one of passengers in the alleged damaged vehicle, confirmed the incident and demanded for the Police to take action. The post further warned the motorists of UPND youths carrying axes and machetes. The published article attracted over 200 reactions and comments on the Smart Eagles page which has over 1.4 million followers.

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The fact checking process has determined the claim that UPND supporters had attacked motorists on Kasangula road as partially false. While the Lusaka Provincial Commissioner of Police Mr Sakala confirmed in a phone call interview the occurrence of the event, he told iVerify fact checkers that the attack cannot be pinned on any political party. Furthermore, the UPND Deputy Youth Chairperson of Lusaka, Mr Antony Zimba denied the accusations, telling the iVerify fact checkers “there is no evidence to prove that the UPND youths are the ones who attacked the motorists”. Mr. Bebe, the taxi driver of Chipata clinic who carried the passengers in a vehicle Registration number ALD 8901 confirmed he was among the motorists attacked near Petroda Filling station along Kasangula Road in Lusaka. Good Governance Activist, Isaac Mwanza who was among the passengers and confirmed the claim through a phone call interview with the Fact Checking team, alleging that the vehicle was attacked by UPND youths who were in their regalia at the roundabout along Kasangula Road. Mr Mwanza said “the vehicle was stoned after he was identified among the passengers by the alleged UPND youths”. Mr Mwanza has demanded the Police and the Zambian President to take action. Mr Bebe confirmed that Mr Mwanza was among the three passengers in his taxi when his vehicle was damaged. However, the alleged suspected cadres were not wearing party regalia as alleged by Mr Mwanza. The attacked motorists filed a report at Emmasdale Police station.

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