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Yes, Zambia schools reopening postponed to Feb 12, annual education calendar adjusted


On 24th January 2024, the Minister of Education, Hon. Douglas Sykalima held a press briefing where he confirmed that schools will reopen on 12th February 2024.

Verified Jan, 24 2024


Various social media platforms carried claims that the reopening of schools would be further postponed to a later date in view of the current cholera situation. Schools were initially scheduled to reopen on Monday, 8th January 2024. However, this was postponed to 29th January to allow relevant agencies and departments to manage the cholera situation.

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The Ministry of Education announced on 24th January 2024 that the reopening of schools has been postponed to 12th February 2024. During a press briefing, Education Minister, Hon. Douglas Syakalima said the decision to further postpone the reopening date of Schools was made at a meeting held by the national disaster management and mitigation council of ministers held Wednesday 24th January 2024.

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